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Good News Club

The Good News Club (GNC) is a group sponsored by the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF). CEF sets up Good News Clubs in public elementary schools, generally renting space from the school after the school day.  These clubs have the explicit aim of proselytizing children as young as five years old. They teach the children a bible-based curriculum and encourage them to proselytize their classmates and bring them to GNC. 

There are several GNCs in King County, including two new clubs in Seattle elementaries (Loyal Heights Elementary and Whittier Elementary).  The GNC has clearly decided that Seattle area kids are ripe for proselytizing.

This section of our site gives you the information you need about the CEF and the Good News Club, and about their activities in the Greater Seattle Area.  Please use the links above to explore our materials.  If you have concerns or questions about a GNC operating in your school, please don't hesitate to contact us at  We have supported parents in Seattle in successful efforts to address concerns about the GNC, and we hope to keep doing so as long as the GNC operates in our area.